Here you should find everything you need from getting started with creating your Profile to more advanced topics. We welcome contributions, check out the LinkFree Repo  and the documentation source on GitHub for more information.


Describe in a few words who you are.

The bio string in the json file is special! It allows for the use of Markdown. This will allow you to use the formatting styles like italic and bold.


  1. Find your json file in the data folder using your GitHub username, for example data/sarajaoude.json

If you need help on how to edit this file, please see the Editing Guide

  1. In the bio string, you can wrap text in double asterix to make it bold, here is an example
  "bio": "Open Source DevRel | Founder of **EddieHub** | **GitHub** Star"

LinkFree profile using markdown in bio

  1. Now you can commit your file and create a Pull Request, for more details please see Editing Guide

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