Here you should find everything you need from getting started with creating your Profile to more advanced topics. We welcome contributions, check out the LinkFree Repo  and the documentation source on GitHub for more information.

Quickstart for local development


Before contributing or adding a new feature, please make sure you have already installed the following tools:

  • NodeJs (Works with Node LTS version v16.17.0)
  • MongoDB
  • Optional NVM: Switch Node version by using nvm use (on Windows, use nvm use v16.17.0). If this is not installed, run nvm install v16.17.0.

Local development

You can set this up locally with the following steps

  1. make sure Mongo is running
  2. install npm dependencies with npm ci
  3. a new file will be created .env update environment variables
  4. start the app with npm run dev and visit in the browser http://localhost:3000

Any changes you make will automatically be reloaded in the browser.